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Women Specific Bikes

Wide Selction of Ladies Bikes at All About The Bike

Sick of looking in amongst blokes bikes for the women's? Here they all are in one convenient place!

Mini Guide

ATB: Ideal For Road And Light Off Road Use.
Leisure ATB’s owe their design to race bred Mountain Bikes, but most riders simply want the comfort and durability that a Mountain Bike design provides without needing all the high tech add ons. Women’s specific frame geometry allow a comfortable low-step through access. The generous profile tyres give great road holding and the times when tarmac turns into shingle or gravel can easily be coped with. With the addition of suspension forks out go the bumps to make riding much more comfortable.

MTB: For Most Recreational Off Road Use.
Mountain bikes have durable light Aluminium frames, often using state of the art hydro-formed tubes for stiffness and strength, powerful brakes for stopping quickly, lots of gears and knobbly tyres - perfect for riding off the beaten track. Women’s MTB’s have women’s specific frame geometry, and the riding position is semi-upright so you can see that tree you’re heading for! Front suspension is very important for two reasons: firstly it’s more comfortable, and secondly it lets the bike be directed when travelling downhill much more effectively. These bikes also need performance off road tyres paired with strong double wall rims to ensure they can cope with difficult terrain.

HYBRID: Suitable for road and light off road use.
The hybrid is a relatively recent development in bicycles. Also referred to as “trekking”, they are usually ideal for most leisure riders and commuters.

Hybrids feature the best elements from 3 styles of bike, they originated at a time when most people buying a bike were buying mountain bikes, but sometimes riders found a mountain bike was simply too cumbersome, heavy and even slow for the average leisure rider. Designers took the very best elements from mountain bikes, tourers and racing bikes and built a bike, which met the new requirements.

The emphasis of the hybrid is comfort, visibility and protection from the elements. Most hybrids are fi tted with 700c wheels (the same diameter as fi tted to racing bikes) but with wider tyres and rims (on average 35mm). These tyres are generally multi condition, in that they have a smooth centre line for efficiency on tarmac, but often have a more knobbly outer tread, to give good traction if the bike is ridden on a non tarmac surface. They are fitted with the similar gear systems to mountain bikes, generally ranging from 21 to 27 gears. The riding position is much more upright to give good visibility.

These bikes are often “fully equipped”, ie they come factory fi tted with mudguards, and carrying racks, and some even offer suspension seat pillars and adjustable rise stems for added comfort. All in all, the hybrid is the best all round bike there is, it suits the majority of riding that you might wish to do. It is perfect for tarmac riding, even longer journeys, and yet it is more than capable of being taken onto canal footpaths and forestry tracks.

URBAN SPORT: Suitable For Road And Light Off Road Use.
This popular new design of bicycle combines the durability of the ATB with the comfort and pace of the hybrid models. They are proving to be the bike of choice for the more discerning rider as they combine the best attributes from both styles of bike. The fast, light and comfortable urban sports bike has become one of the fastest growing modes of transport.

ROAD: Suitable For Road Use Only.
Road specific bikes with women specific geometry incorporating the latest frame technology.