Fully Assembled Bikes from All About the Bike®

All About The Bike® are proud to be one of the very few online Bike Shops who send out all their branded bikes fully assembled as a matter of course.

When we send out our fully assembled bikes all you need to do is turn the handlebars & tighten them and pop the pedals on.(stunt pegs & baskets cannot be fitted due to carrier restrictions). There are dealers who will say they fully assemble but they leave you to attach the bars, front wheel and adjust the bike. This is part assembled! However the vast majority of online dealers merely stick the address label on the box, give it a pat and wave it on its way!

Why does All About The Bike® fully assemble their bikes?

There are two main reason. Firstly, and most importantly, it gives you the customer the very best service. A bike delivered to your door with just a minor piece of finishing to do - no squeezing the bike into the back of a car and having to part dismantle to get in or worse still a box of parts and cables delivered to your door! Secondly, sending out bikes fully assembled virtually removes any chance of transit damage which is not only good for us but for our customers as well


Nearly all major brands stipulate that their bikes MUST be fully assembled when handed/sent to the customer. If you have ever bought an unassembled bike online from elsewhere (particularily Brands such as Felt, Dawes, GT etc) you may have noticed on the box stating that unless fully assembled by a competent mechanic your warranty will not be valid. All suppliers have approved our full assemble service as fully satisfying any warranty requirements.

Do you fully assemble all your bikes?
We fully assemble all bikes from our major brands including any bike with a sale price of £225+. For bikes below £225 and not one of our major brands, we offer a full assemble service for £22.50. This service is priced below cost and half the amount covers the cost of the bespoke box that the bike is sent in. Your local bike shop will charge you £35-40 for this service!

Checkout - Full Assembly
If within the bike description/title it states that the bike is supplied fully assembled simply choose Standard Delivery for the delivery zone you live in.

Only select the fully assembled delivery choice if the bike is below £225.
Which Brands are fully assembled free of Charge?


Fully Assembled/Built Road Bike Brands

Felt Road Bikes, Forme, Moda Road Bikes, Focus, GT, Claud Butler, Dawes & Whistle

Fully Assembled/Built Electric Bike Brands
Wisper, Freego, BH Emotion, Green Zebra, Kudos, Powacycle

Fully Assembled BMX Bike Brands

WeThePeople, GT, Mongoose, Amity, Blank, Eastern, Ruption, Stolen, Haro, Premium, Social, Amity

Fully Assembled Hybrid Bike Brands

Felt , Moda, GT, Mongoose, Focus, Claud Butler & Dawes

Fully Assembled Triathlon Bike Brands

Felt, Focus, Forme & Moda

Fully Assembled Touring Bike Brands

Dawes, Moda & Clud Butler

Fully Assembled Mountain Bike Brands

Felt , Moda, MSC, GT, Mongoose, Focus, Claud Butler & Dawes

Fully Assembled Cruisers

Schwinn Cruisers & Alpha Plus Cruisers