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Electric Bikes from All About The Bike

All About The Bike bring you a carefully selected choice of Electric Bikes available in the UK. All of the Electric Cycles we stock have been tested by ourselves to ensure that we bring our customers the best electric bikes on the market. We do not sell cheap electric bikes from 'here today and gone tomorrow suppliers' so often seen at caravan shows but from established suppliers and mainstream bike manufacturers who will be there in years to come.

We specialise in all aspects of electric bikes including electric mountain bikes, electric folding bikes and electric step through cycles. We offer all our customers and potential customers knowledge based advice and are always happy to guide you through the potential minefield of buying an electric bike.

We always welcome are customers to come to our showroom and test ride our electric bikes. We always have a selection of electric bikes to test ride so customers can explore the different types of electric cycles available. If there is a specific electric bike you wish to test ride please call to ensure that it is one of our current test models.

We offer a full service and repair facility for all electric bikes. Our typical service areas are Flintshire, Gwynedd, North Wales, Chester, Wrexham, The Wirral & Shropshire

Electric Bike Delivery (Mail Order)

We offer electric bike delivery throughout the UK supplying all our electric bicycles fully assembled and test ridden.

Electric Bike Brands - All About The Bike

FreeGo Electric Bikes

We have been selling FreeGo electric bikes since their inception. Freego are a UK based electric bike company based in Southampton where the directors develop, sell and directly communicate with their customers. The Freego range include Electric Mountain Bikes, Electric Folding Bikes and Electric Ladies Bikes

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Wisper Electric Bikes

Wisper Electric Bikes are regarded as the market leaders of the independant electric bike manufacturers pushing forward the development and quality of the electric bike market. Wisper is the first British electric bicycle manufacturer to bring production into to Europe (Germany). The first European Electric Bikes will be available from March 2013.

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BH Emotion Electric Bikes

BH Emotion electric bikes are like no other electric bikes. Whilst not the cheapest electric bikes BH Emotion bikes are so much more than standard bicycle with a motor hooked up to the rear wheel. The Emotions go much further: their pedal-assist system give the user an immediate push with every stroke of the pedal, making it easier to move forward thanks to what is very possibly the first “assist” system to pass every test.

Emotions have won GQ Magazine awards and similarly come out on top of The Gadget Show tests

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PowaCycle Electric Bikes

Powacycle offers a lithium based range of electric bikes at a great price. There are many similar cheap electric bikes on the market but not from companies as well established and practiced in the production of electric bikes as Powacycle

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Kudos Electric Bikes

Kudos Electric Bikes are big on quality and low on price. They offer a great range of electric bikes and a cheap spare electric bike battery option

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